Book review : They go to sleep

Author : Saugata Chakraborty

Rating : 5/5

This masterpiece by Saugata Chakraborty contains 12 exhilarating tales of ordinary people and the choices they make. This book kept me awake and gave me lot of fodder to ponder over.

My favourite two stories are –

They go to sleep – The starting makes you wonder, Was he guilty or innocent? A young window disappears and three years later, someone claims to know her whereabouts.

What’s in a name – A poet meets a girl while travelling from Secunderabad to howrah, they share a captivating conversation but forget to ask each other’s name.

All these stories can be made into full fledged novels.The stories are raw and strike a chord – Be it, excellent narration or the engaging and detailed storyline. The editing is crisp and, last but not the least, the cover page is beautiful.

I would definitely recommend this book. This is by far, one of the best books that I have read this year.

Here’s my Goodreads review for this book

All you need is YOU

Pull yourself away
from negativity
Surround yourself
with loving, positive thoughts

While you ride the tides of life,
Love yourself like you would that lover of yours
who left you at the
downtown bridge,
saying he would come and
whisk you away
from this sordid world
but never did.

And you waited anyway…
hoping where even hope would hang it’s head in shame.

For all you need is you.
And You.

Copyright © Sneha Narayanan


When a thought is created,
It leaves an impact fated.

The heart follows as mandated,
Emotions are then generated.

Based on those feelings,
Behavioural pattern changes.
Between bleeding and healing,
This mortal outrage ranges.

I wish I could lock away,
My tremulous mind, for once.

And let not these monsters sway
my bliss of a thousand defiant suns.

Copyright © Sneha Narayanan

Book Title : Pebbles on Paper

Author – Swati Khatri

Rating – 4.2/5

Pebbles on paper by Swati Khatri is a collection of poems depicting the emotions that we go through at different stages of life. This book is divided into twelve parts. The author covers topics like Self love, Art, motivation, thoughts, pain and reflections that life throws at us.

While reading the poems, I felt deeply invested in them. The author’s emotions and thoughts connected with me. She has an impressive way with her words. Some of the poems really stood out for me.

Though I loved all the poems, some of my favourite lines are –

“Yes, you have to move,
and not wait for anyone to approve”

“But I wonder, do you exist,
Does such love still persist? “

“I wanted so much from you,
But you gave me just a few.
At times you promised something more
But never kept up with the score “

If I have to sum up this book into three words, it would be – Real, Raw and motivating. This book is beautifully constructed and is a decent read. Every poem has something that you will be able to relate to.

Will definitely recommend it !

Do you read poetry? Which is the last book that you have read ?

Book title – I am in love with myself

Author : Deeksha Tripathi
Rating : 5/5

This book is a beautiful and insightful collection of 51 heart warming poems, dedicated to women, and highlights the importance of loving yourself and  self acceptance. I felt deeply connected to it. It’s easy to read and at the same time, inspiring.

Every poem conveys a message. The author bravely talks about important issues like – Periods, Marital rape, transgender, virginity, adoption, being a stepmother, C-section, being plus size, not having a child, remaining unmarried, Finding love after marriage, mental health etc.

Some of my favourite lines from this book are –

“He’s not my husband, but my rapist,
For whom my will and consent don’t even exist”

“But the world is jealous of our bond,
It tries to break it by calling me a foster mom ! “

“Since my love life failed, I decided to not get caged,
By marrying anyone for the sake of just being tagged”

I loved this author’s style of writing. This book has some great messages that you can take away from it. Though I loved all the poems a lot, my favourite would be – Living with a Rapist and Pricking Touches.

Think positive and achieve better self esteem and clarity with this book.

The Girl in the dreams

Author – Pravin Agarwal
Rating – 4.9/5

This is a historical thriller with the perfect blend of mystery and romance using different timelines.

The four main characters of this story are Vivaan the protagonist, Riya, Rachit, and Swara.

2017 timeline –
Vivaan is a NASA scientist getting engaged to his childhood friend and love, Riya. Meanwhile he is having strange recurring dreams of a mysterious girl in heavy traditional outfit. On Riya’s advice, he visits a psychiatrist and while returning home meets with an accident and in that accident unfortunately Rachit gets hurt a little but they turn friends.

Vivaan along with his fiance Riya and friend Rachit flies to Madhya Pradesh to unravel the 500 year old mystery.

1500 AD – Shrinika is heartbroken after being betrayed by Rudra, the king of Ujjain.

Why did Shrinika mysteriously disappear? Why did Rudra betray her? Is Vivaan related to king Rudra? Who is this mysterious girl in Vivaan’s dreams?
Were Vivian and Rachit, friends even 500 years ago? Was Rachit killed by mistake ? Did someone curse Vivaan because of which he lost his memory?

You need to read this wonderful thriller to know all the answers. The pace is good, plot is unique and the storyline is exciting. The author has done a fantastic job. This is a nail biting romantic thriller, full of mystery and unexpected turns. Will definitely recommend this book .

Book Review – OUR LOVE STORY

Author – Rohit Sharma

Rating – 5/5

True love happens without any planning. It happens just like that .. in an instant. And by the time you try to understand what is happening, you are already in love.”

Our love story

“Our Love story” is a Romantic and an inspiring tale of love and heartbreak, with its share of smiles and tears. It’s the story of a struggling model Veronica (VJ) and the son of a filthy rich business tycoon Aditya Bakshi.

Veronica is fed up of the casting couch and the directors trying to harass her and decides to end everything . She is about to jump in the sea, when someone holds her hand and stops her. This guy is the protagonist Aditya Bakshi.

I love the characterization of Aditya. He is such an amazing guy – pure hearted, selfless, giving and always has a smile on his face. He yearns for his father’s love but his father holds him responsible for losing his wife.

Will destiny bring them together? Does Aditya have some terminal illness which he is hiding behind his happy-go-lucky persona? Will his father make amends with him?

The writing style and narration is excellent and smooth, I felt like I am watching some good bollywood movie. Tried hard to find some criticism /constructive feedback so that I can mention it in my review, but found none.

Danielle steel and Preeti shenoy are my favorite authors and now, one more author makes it to my favourite’s list. Rohit Sharma has done an excellent job here. This book is nothing short of a masterpiece. Definitely a must buy if you like Romance genres.

Have you read this book? Were you planning to? Is this review helpful? Drop in your comments

Book Title : Faith and the BelovedAuthor : Kochery C Shibu

Rating : 3 / 5

Faith and the Beloved

Faith and Beloved is a riveting saga of love, lust, betrayal and revenge.

This book has two parallel plots – One is of Naithy and her daughter Alice, the other of two brothers, Arun and Prem. This book starts with a murder being committed. Alice killed her step father Tony D’Souza and is on the run for her life. The plotline kept me on my toes. I loved the storyline as well as the narration.

Criticism –
Though the story is intriguing and engaging, it has too many characters
and as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many characters, unnecessary details, too much of sexual scenes and bad editing spoils the book. This book had all the chances of being one of the best thriller books of our country, if only the author had sent the manuscript for another round of editing.

Book title -The Blockbuster health Vol 1Author : Dr. Sharad KulkarniRating : 4/5

This book , an Amazon Bestseller, focuses on good and healthy diet habits, and the second volume deals with lifestyle habits.

I learnt about various things, like importance of carbohydrates, deficiency of vitamin and minerals, importance of dietary fibres and why we should drink lot of water.

Also learnt about the 3 hour rule. Food should be consumed within 3 hours of preparation.

Did you know some food are incompatible together, like fruit and yoghurt or Milk and banana, and we shouldn’t have it together.

This book has motivated me. It is informative and very well penned. Definitely a must buy.