Book Title : Pebbles on Paper

Author – Swati Khatri

Rating – 4.2/5

Pebbles on paper by Swati Khatri is a collection of poems depicting the emotions that we go through at different stages of life. This book is divided into twelve parts. The author covers topics like Self love, Art, motivation, thoughts, pain and reflections that life throws at us.

While reading the poems, I felt deeply invested in them. The author’s emotions and thoughts connected with me. She has an impressive way with her words. Some of the poems really stood out for me.

Though I loved all the poems, some of my favourite lines are –

“Yes, you have to move,
and not wait for anyone to approve”

“But I wonder, do you exist,
Does such love still persist? “

“I wanted so much from you,
But you gave me just a few.
At times you promised something more
But never kept up with the score “

If I have to sum up this book into three words, it would be – Real, Raw and motivating. This book is beautifully constructed and is a decent read. Every poem has something that you will be able to relate to.

Will definitely recommend it !

Do you read poetry? Which is the last book that you have read ?

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