Author : Deeksha Tripathi
Rating : 5/5

This book is a beautiful and insightful collection of 51 heart warming poems, dedicated to women, and highlights the importance of loving yourself and  self acceptance. I felt deeply connected to it. It’s easy to read and at the same time, inspiring.

Every poem conveys a message. The author bravely talks about important issues like – Periods, Marital rape, transgender, virginity, adoption, being a stepmother, C-section, being plus size, not having a child, remaining unmarried, Finding love after marriage, mental health etc.

Some of my favourite lines from this book are –

“He’s not my husband, but my rapist,
For whom my will and consent don’t even exist”

“But the world is jealous of our bond,
It tries to break it by calling me a foster mom ! “

“Since my love life failed, I decided to not get caged,
By marrying anyone for the sake of just being tagged”

I loved this author’s style of writing. This book has some great messages that you can take away from it. Though I loved all the poems a lot, my favourite would be – Living with a Rapist and Pricking Touches.

Think positive and achieve better self esteem and clarity with this book.