Author – Pravin Agarwal
Rating – 4.9/5

This is a historical thriller with the perfect blend of mystery and romance using different timelines.

The four main characters of this story are Vivaan the protagonist, Riya, Rachit, and Swara.

2017 timeline –
Vivaan is a NASA scientist getting engaged to his childhood friend and love, Riya. Meanwhile he is having strange recurring dreams of a mysterious girl in heavy traditional outfit. On Riya’s advice, he visits a psychiatrist and while returning home meets with an accident and in that accident unfortunately Rachit gets hurt a little but they turn friends.

Vivaan along with his fiance Riya and friend Rachit flies to Madhya Pradesh to unravel the 500 year old mystery.

1500 AD – Shrinika is heartbroken after being betrayed by Rudra, the king of Ujjain.

Why did Shrinika mysteriously disappear? Why did Rudra betray her? Is Vivaan related to king Rudra? Who is this mysterious girl in Vivaan’s dreams?
Were Vivian and Rachit, friends even 500 years ago? Was Rachit killed by mistake ? Did someone curse Vivaan because of which he lost his memory?

You need to read this wonderful thriller to know all the answers. The pace is good, plot is unique and the storyline is exciting. The author has done a fantastic job. This is a nail biting romantic thriller, full of mystery and unexpected turns. Will definitely recommend this book .