Author – Rohit Sharma

Rating – 5/5

True love happens without any planning. It happens just like that .. in an instant. And by the time you try to understand what is happening, you are already in love.”

Our love story

“Our Love story” is a Romantic and an inspiring tale of love and heartbreak, with its share of smiles and tears. It’s the story of a struggling model Veronica (VJ) and the son of a filthy rich business tycoon Aditya Bakshi.

Veronica is fed up of the casting couch and the directors trying to harass her and decides to end everything . She is about to jump in the sea, when someone holds her hand and stops her. This guy is the protagonist Aditya Bakshi.

I love the characterization of Aditya. He is such an amazing guy – pure hearted, selfless, giving and always has a smile on his face. He yearns for his father’s love but his father holds him responsible for losing his wife.

Will destiny bring them together? Does Aditya have some terminal illness which he is hiding behind his happy-go-lucky persona? Will his father make amends with him?

The writing style and narration is excellent and smooth, I felt like I am watching some good bollywood movie. Tried hard to find some criticism /constructive feedback so that I can mention it in my review, but found none.

Danielle steel and Preeti shenoy are my favorite authors and now, one more author makes it to my favourite’s list. Rohit Sharma has done an excellent job here. This book is nothing short of a masterpiece. Definitely a must buy if you like Romance genres.

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