Author – Yazi Krishna
Rating – 5/5

I was looking forward to read a book in romantic genre, when I saw rave reviews of this book on social media and requested the author for a review copy.
I am glad I picked this book, because this is one of the best books that I have read in recent times from an Indian author.

What is Love? Does true love exist? Does the love continue till the end?

Does the protagonists Vijay and Syahirah’s relationship survive?

Now picturise this…
The story starts with protagonist Digvijay’s (Vijay) friend Vishal Nag waiting at a cafe for him. Digvijay steps out of his car in his favourite black blazer. Both walk towards the corner in the cafe, where a 30 year old Mr. Sidhesh Banerjee is sitting..
As they order some coffee, Digvijay says ,” Mr. Banerjee, I am in love with your sister”….
And then the story unfolds!

(Mr. Banerjee is none other than Syahirah’s brother! )

This book is a delight to read and beautifully manages to capture the essence of two people in love. Actually, this book is not just about love, it is a story of success, failure, emotions, family and friendship.

I loved the author’s style of writing, narration is excellent . Despite the author having no writing experience prior to this, he has beautifully woven the plot and seamlessly blended it. I will definitely recommend this book and am rating it 5/5.

Love is universal. Love is trust. Love is joy. Love is divine, non-judgmental and long lasting. According to the author,  Love is forever….

What is Love according to you? Have you read this book? Are you planning to? Drop in a comment ❤️