Author – Pankaj Giri

Rating – 5/5

This is an epic and soul wrenching tale of love, loss , tragedy, and in the end, finding hope. This story centers around two individuals, Soham and Fiona, who have lost their loved ones.

I am not going to reveal any spoilers so will try to keep the storyline as short as possible.

Soham is recovering from the loss of his brother (dada).
The story starts with Fiona losing her husband in an accident and then it goes back in time. Fiona had a rough childhood because of her alcoholic father.
I loved how the author has so beautifully managed to weave two alternating stories together.

What I loved –
1) The Author has beautifully and vividly described Gangtok and the nepali culture.
2) The characters felt so real, I became fully invested and engaged in them.
3) The way the metaphors and similes have been used is rather impressive. The author has  Excellent command over the English language.
4) Beautifully crafted storyline and the language is smooth with excellent narration.

It’s a stunning masterpiece by debut author Pankaj. I highly recommend this book. One of the best books that I have read in recent times.

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