According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, India is currently at Stage 2 of the coronavirus epidemic.

Social distancing

Being an introvert, it’s easy for me to stay at home all day. It isn’t difficult to socially distance myself. On the contrary, I find socialising mentally draining .

But I understand that may not be the case with everyone out there. It’s really difficult for extroverts to stay at home. But right now , we are not left with much of a choice. So ,why not utilise your sabbatical and pursue whatever you like.

You can read books, binge watch movies, or pursue some hobby. I have recently started learning guitar .

Meanwhile, Some important tips to follow :

Wash hands frequently : I am sure we all know this and are practicing it, but it’s really important to wash hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds. It kills virus that may be lurking on your hands. Sanitizers are beneficial too .

Avoid touching nose and face: Generally, without knowing, we are prone to touch surfaces and then sometimes we may touch our face. As a result, we may unknowingly pick up virus.

Avoid shaking hands : Let’s try to avoid shaking hands while greeting. You can greet with a smile or a wave.

Social distancing : It’s crucial to stay at home and avoid large gatherings and crowded areas. Be a socially responsible citizen. Stay safe and let others stay safe too, by not infecting them. If one of your family member has flu symptoms, keep an arm distance. At the same time, show empathy and don’t outcast them.

What’s your idea of how to remain safe during this epidemic? Are you spending your sabbatical constructively?