During a terrible bout of acne, I had visited a cosmetologist and she had suggested some skincare tips. And some I followed from the internet and hearsay. After trial and error method, I found out a few tips which helped me a lot.

Good skin care can help delay ageing. I am not saying that you can look like twenty being 60, but yes you can definitely look younger and delay the natural ageing process.

I have never had great skin. Acne marks on my face, dull skin and uneven pigmentation are what you would use to describe me.
So I am going to tell you now whatever worked for me in the hope that it would benefit you greatly.

Yes, I am going to give you some tips for glowing skin!

  1. Always wash your hands before washing your face. Yes, this is really important. It may sound silly and you may think , is that the greatest tip you could give, but do it and you will see a huge change in your skin. Whenever you are about to wash your face, wash your hands before it. There is no point in washing your face with bacteria-laden hands. And if possible, use drinking water to wash your face instead of tap water.
  2. Use a face wash with Salicylic Acid. I am not telling you to pour acid on your face. All I am saying is, next time whenever you purchase your face wash, Check the ingredient list.
  3. Always wipe off your make up before you sleep. NEVER sleep with your foundation on your face. Let your skin breath. You can surely use a night cream but don’t sleep without removing your make up. If you don’t want to use a make up remover, go for coconut oil. Yes, it also works as a makeup remover. Take four drops of oil, apply it on your face, use a moist cotton ball to wipe it off.
  4. Night cream – Wash your face with a face wash and apply night cream . Prepare your Night Cream – Scoop out one teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel and add two drops of tea tree oil and apply it on your face. This potent combo is better than any night creams that you get in the market. I use the Rustic Art’s Aloe gel and body shop’s tea tree oil. You can use any brand which doesn’t have parabens, perfume and colour in their products.
  5. Diet plays an important role in how your skin looks, so eat healthy. Take more of green leafy veggies, proteins and less of carbs.
  6. If you are 30+, you can start taking antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, after consulting your dermatologist. I was given antioxidants by my skin care specialist when I had severe acne, and it benefited me a lot. Not only did it remove acne marks, but it also made my skin softer and glowy.
  7. Always use a sunscreen. Never step out without a sunscreen even if it’s a cloudy day. Use a gel-based sunscreen if you have normal or oily skin. Use a cream-based sunscreen in case you have dry skin.
  8. Every morning when you wake up, the first thing you should have is warm water with lemon in it. No sugar, please. Vitamin C does wonder to your skin.
  9. Now here’s a face mask that I use once in a week. Grind half a banana with yogurt. Put it in a cup, Add 1 tablespoon of rice flour, and 1 teaspoon of honey. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, before rinsing with warm water.
  10. Hydrate yourself – Drink lot of water. For instant glow, You can prepare a face pack by taking two spoons of tomato pulp and adding two spoons of curd in it. Leave it on your face for half an hour and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

Wow! Now will I become beautiful?

No! These tips are NOT going to make you beautiful. Fortunately or unfortunately, Beauty comes from within. If you expect that once you follow these tips, you will start looking like Angelina Jolie or Anne Hathaway, then you are highly mistaken.

All it’s going to do is, make your skin look more healthy and glowing.