Kabir Singh controversy and glorification of misogyny

Violent and misogynist? Does the character, Kabir Singh played by Shahid Kapoor, fit in this category? The answer is a reverberate and massive YES! I am not against showing misogyny in movies. I understand that not all movies are made for educational purposes, nor every movie needs to be morally correct. The only issue I have with this movie is, that it ended up normalising, in fact “glorifying” toxic relationship. How is it okay to justify violence against women in the name of ‘love’?

Okay, not only the hero but I also have issues with the heroine’s character. The woman is too demure, sometimes almost mute. All she does is ‘babying’ him in the movie. She lacks a backbone and is so gullible that it becomes irritating to watch her after a point, though the actress has done a good job.


Though the film is good in direction, screenplay and acting, it is the characterisation which is extremely problematic. Why is it so difficult for some people to understand that love should be liberating and not scary or overwhelming.

MISOGYNIST – Why I feel this movie is wrong on so many levels

There is a blatant glorification of misogyny and this movie tries to justify a sexist and toxic relationship. There should be mutual respect in a relationship. You do not own your partner. Your partner is your companion, not your property to slap her/him or decide whom she can talk to or be with friends with.

When the girl’s father refuses to accept him, he slaps her and leaves her crying and goes off giving an ultimatum. What would you do in such a case? Break his bones and break off with him, right? But here, she clings to him even more and begs him to not leave her! I know, totally bizarre!

I haven’t even come to the body-shaming part. He instructs her to be friends with only fat girls! Can somebody tell the director that Fat shaming is not cool? This character is so flawed and angry with the whole world that he doesn’t even behave properly with his family. And did I mention that he tries to sexually assault a girl in the opening scene itself?


The Shahid Kapoor starrer has already crossed 200 Crore mark in just two weeks! It has become one of the highest-grossing films of 2019. The controversy around the film definitely helped it in raking huge numbers. As they say, negative publicity is also good publicity!


In an interview with Anupam Chopra, the director of this movie Sandeep Reddy said “When you are deeply in love and are connected to a woman, if you don’t have the liberty of slapping each other, then I don’t see anything there”. He further stated that the people who are complaining now have never experienced real love! Since then, the director has been trolled and criticised on social media.

Badminton player Jwala Gutta wrote, “Movie was a movie…but justifying physical abuse?? If u love someone u have the right to slap? Gosh…this guy needs to be shown all the love without physical hurt!! Pathetic!!”

Kubbra Sait took to twitter and instagram to share two videos, which take a dig on Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s statement. In one video, Kubbra is seen slapping herself. She wrote, “If you can’t love yourself, you haven’t really loved yourself.”

Sona Mohapatra in her tweet said, “Does the actor have no responsibility for choosing to play a part in a narrative that can set us back as a society? Is that all we have become? Creatures of ambition?” When some twitter user pointed out that she had sung an item song ‘Bedardi Raja’, Sona wrote, “U are the nth moron trying to make such a false equivalence. A woman singing lustily & celebrating her own sexuality isn’t likely to cause violence & isn’t the same thing as a man grabbing a woman without her consent, kissing her apart from several other such toxic masculine acts.”

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Have you watched this movie? Drop in your comments. Would love to hear your views. Check this article from Hindustan Times in case you are interested in reading other reactions for his controversial statement. Click here .

31 thoughts on “Kabir Singh controversy and glorification of misogyny

  1. I had no idea that the director said all of those things. I got through half of it and couldn’t endure it anymore. I wonder what Shahid said about his views on the film.


  2. Didn’t really watch the movie because I couldn’t sit through it for more than 5 minutes. But this is what think : Movies are a reflection of our society. Misogyny is rampant and glorified in our society and so the movie simply echoes the same. Movies are made for different reasons- money, art, social message, etc. Its really not right to blame actors and directors for making such movies. The job of a director is to simply tell a story, it is for the audience to understand that misogyny is wrong , no matter how people sugar coat it.


  3. I don’t know I am right or wrong but I want to share my views on Movie Kabir Singh. I have watched the movie and I found it okay(with some bad behavior by the actor). There are many who are criticizing the movie because they found that this movie is against the feminism. I can agree with them for some scene in the movie.
    But, I want to show the other side of the coin. They were in love with each other and no one forced them to be. They were slapping each other in the movie. so, it’s not okay to blame the actor for his aggression. And, the girl was comfortable with the boy in the movie that’s why she fought to her family and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. We can’t force anyone to think the same, what we think.
    If someone is going through a bad phase or lost something which is most important for him/her. They will not react in the way we wanted them to react. It’s human nature. There are many boys/girls who started drinking after a breakup. And some started visiting brothels. I don’t want to comment on them because I don’t know how hard is it for them to accept that someone left him/her.
    At last, I have watched the movie and I have taken the positive things. Like, In the era of money, face, and sex. He loved, her from all his heart and she did the same.
    This might surprise you, that there are 80% of people having extramarital affairs (I am saying this because I know).
    Sorry, If my opinion hurts anyone out here.


      1. I haven’t seen such type of romance and love in my life where lovers slap each other. This is just a movie and people are enjoying. They are making this type of movies because of us.
        Thank you very much.

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  4. Hey, I completely agree with you. I didn’t watch the movie because I couldn’t have watched a film like that. Now that I read your post, it’s all very clear. I can’t believe slapping a woman can be ‘romantic’. And people are still defending this glorification! This is sick! Anyway, your post is very well-framed🙂


  5. Shivangi_Wadhwa says:

    I meant in this , I stand by you. Portrayal of anything in the name of love and forsake of glory is not right. You have explained it in a very balanced manner. Nice one.

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  6. Do you see more movies like this being made in the future?
    I guess they are being made as a weapon to awaken those stigmas/taboos in our country.
    Well such movies have indeed given a hype to these social issues prevalent. They need some glorification for the purification.
    Defending them is certainly not a good choice.

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  7. It’s already glorified enough that the misogynist remarks have seen an upsurge in the public. It has certainly made everyone receptive towards the toxic relationships. Never seen someone slap to show off the love.
    Well the movie did something and did it well. Showed us the path to a changing India. Now it’s very responsive and vibrant towards such sensitive issues.

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    1. Absolutely 🙂 The only issue I have with the movie is the over glorification. There is nothing wrong in showing flawed and toxic characters but why defend them?

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