As promised, here’s our next guest post ! Our Guest Blogger from , Shravani, is here with us to share her flash fiction in the form of a prose. She is an avid blogger, poet and loves reviewing movies. You can find her on Instagram – julyblossom23

Like napthalene balls
lying nonchalant in the farthest corner of the room, you sting, and assail my senses… not loosening your grip on my flesh or my soul, for a minute.

I know you despise it too, this wretched dependency on me, that you cannot shake off by callously walking out the door.
Sometimes we cross paths in the office hallway; each looking different shades of infernos sinking into the depths of hell. I look wary, and you, bashful. Each waiting for the end to come, knowing fully well fate isn’t done with us yet – and won’t anytime soon- not until a few long months have passed.

And guess what? I may have written you a thousand letters when the sun was shining down on us, but I suspect they couldn’t dig a hole in your heart like my last words to you have:

“You’re done with us baby, but you still got my money”.

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