We had Women’s Day this week, so let’s talk about our favourite kick-ass female characters from our favourite novels. Has anyone inspired you?


I admire her desire, passion and ruthlessness. Manipulative, vain and stubborn, Scarlett O’Hara knows she is the most stunning and attractive looking woman in her state. The major life lesson we can learn from her is to never give up. You can always find a way to survive because tomorrow is another day. So start fresh. She is passionate, determined and doesn’t bow down to the norms and conformities of society. If you like ruthless grey shaded characters, don’t forget to read Gone with the Wind.


Anne Shirley of “Anne of Green Gables” is an orphan who comes to Prince Edward’s place to live but is an immediate disappointment as they want a boy to help with chores. She has her fits of temper but her flaws will make you love her more. She is always curious, lively and strong willed. She is also smart, ambitious, imaginative and loves reading and writing. She is never afraid to speak up or stand up for herself.


One of the strongest literary characters, Melanie, the frail and good-hearted wife of Ashley Wilkes, is a silent epitome of strength. Calm and compassionate, she is the moral compass of this novel. Yes, she is another amazing character from Gone with the Wind. Though Scarlett has mostly disliked her for being goody two shoes, Melanie has always loved Scarlett like her own sister. She is kind, loving and fiercely loyal. She has the tendency to see good in people, even when they are clearly not having any good attributes.


Jane from the book, ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte, is easily one of my favourite fictional heroines. Though at times you may find her a little weird or eerie, you will eventually fall in love with her. She spends a lot of time as a wallflower. In fact, she even tries to hide herself in the story. Jane lives ‘in her head’ a lot. Though for the initial ten years, she has been bullied and harassed, but then without any support she rises up against oppression. She always stands up for herself and this is something we all should learn from her.


Emma from the book “Emma”, is a 21 year old Jane Austen heroine. She is lovable but not infallible. Unlike the majority of women, Emma refuses to be influenced by societal norms and expectations of how a woman should behave. Emma is not vain about her looks. If she has an inflated ego, it’s because of her brain.

Drop in your comments stating your favourite literary characters.