An ode to a ‘NOBODY”- Why am perfectly fine being Mediocre

“Don’t settle for AVERAGE. You were made for greatness ” – Victoria Osteen

“All I knew is that I never wanted to be average” – Michael Jordan

Don’t these quotes look absolutely wonderful on paper? Being ‘Average’ is abhorred and detested. But is ‘Mediocre’ or being ‘Average’ really the worst thing in life ?

I am an average girl, nothing special , A NOBODY and am perfectly fine with it. Shocked? Since our childhood, we are psychologically conditioned to prove that we are the best, be it getting good grades in school, doing well in sports, getting admission into the best college, being a social butterfly and making lots of friends, and a seven figure salary. If every human being turns into someone extraordinary, then No one will remain ‘Extraordinary’! Not everyone can be Michael Jordan, Einstein, Sachin Tendulkar or The Prime Minister.

People are afraid to accept that they are ordinary and average just like others, nothing extraordinary. Yes, You all are average. Not only the amount of effort and hardwork you put, but also how you deal with failure is what makes you better than others. Let me give an example, If I decide to lose 10 Kgs in one month , it may not happen and I will end up feeling disheartened. So set up REALISTIC GOALS and then work towards it. What matters is not how to avoid failing but rather learning how to GET UP AFTER YOU FALL.

When we set up incredibly high standards for ourself, we may feel like failure when we don’t meet our own expectation. Our inner voice shames us. Now this can be dangerous. Let me explain this through a simple example- An Onion. The ‘true self’ at the centre is protected by outer layers. Let’s call these outer layers – ‘False Self’. As a defence mechanism, our brain may create a false ideal self to protect our true self. Just imagine how painful it would be for the person to face himself and the world when this “False self ” shatters. It may also lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Don’t let your grandiose delusions trap you. There are innumerable success stories all around us but nobody talks about their failures. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times, but many of us don’t know that because he was successful the 1001th time.

Am I saying do not dream big ; No! It’s good to set high goals but DO NOT GIVE UP WHEN YOU SLIP. Even if you work hard, its not possible to attain everything you want. Life doesn’t work that way. Getting good grades, job, high salary etc can be part of your life but Don’t make it your life.

You were not born for being the next President or Mother Teresa. You were simply born because your parents had sex without protection. So don’t beat yourself up when life doesn’t go the way you want. Love yourself and learn from every mistake you make because even making mistakes mean you are trying.

Do NOT let fear of failure or being judged stop you from experimenting or doing things you want to. Do NOT feel afraid to voice your opinion or to take risks. I ventured into blogging accidentally a month back, after I discovered my love for writing. I had left my job at IBM few months back, and cut off with most of my friends after my face got ravaged with acne. I used to stay couped up in my room, scared to face people and resorted to writing. I can proudly say Producer-Writer Vinta Nanda followed me on Twitter after a #MeToo article I had written went viral.

Success is not final and failure is not fatal, so do not get disheartened when things don’t go your way. It’s okay to be average. Yes! I am “Mediocre” , a “Nobody” and am perfectly fine with it.

15 thoughts on “An ode to a ‘NOBODY”- Why am perfectly fine being Mediocre

  1. You are amazing and been following your thoughts! Glad our reflection converge on a host of national issues. Congrats for being followed by Vinta for she is such an amazing lady. Like you said, we are good or bad as our last work and never be shy of keep trying. A motivating post.

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  2. Sneha The Best Thought Dear! I believe in living life like a kid, who doesn’t know the limits of enjoyment and doesn’t what the onlookers will say. That’s how we make Memories and at the end of the day, greatness, money, Name will not be our companions but these memories that we made living a mediocre/average girl life!

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  3. Being average does not mean being less important member of the society we live in. Life is a constant struggle for ourselves to become better human beings and for the world we live in to become a better place to live. Therefore, it is not important to be no.1, but to make the most of our lives according to our capabilities and skills.
    What is also important is that we learn to value the person not according to their personal achievements or success, but on the basis of their human qualities and nature.
    Besides, life offers a lot of opportunities and is full of challenges, and we never know when we will get some new creative idea and set some new goal, where we will be able to express ourselves in full. So it is of no significance if we have failed in something, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be more successful in something else.
    Finally, ‘playing second violin’ or being just ‘a cog in a much larger wheel’ has its good sides. In this way we are not exposed to constant pressure and the eyes of the public, which enables us to gather our strength and keep trying to become more successful as long as we are motivated and happy to do so. For, what can make us happier if not keeping our private and professional live in balance.

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